Saturday, November 9, 2013

Temple of Notch

Need map with a need start where you place a block of sand in one of two holes. Make sure you choose right/correctly.

Download Temple of Notch for Minecraft PE

Do you know who Notch is? He is the creator of Minecraft.

Learn more about Notch...

Besides Minecraft he is also popular for the game Scrolls.
Notch, was birthed in(born June 1, 1979) and started programming at the age of 7, using his dad's Commodore 128. He generated his first game (a text-adventure) at the age of eight, with the aid of type-in programs. In 2005 he started working as a game developer for, which he left in 2009 to work as a designer at Jalbum. After Minecraft sales grew he relocated from full-time to part time at Jalbum and then ultimately delegated focus complete time on Minecraft in June 2010, many of the Mojang staff members (including CEO Carl Manneh) are also ex-Jalbum workers. Outside of work he often participates in competitors, featuring Ludum Dare, LD12 and the Caffeine 4K Game Programming Contest. He lived in Denmark before he relocated to Sweden with his moms and dads and went to school there. This is a life of a fantastic guy.

On August 13, 2011, he wed Elin Zetterstrand who goes by the nickname "Ez" in the Minecraft community, and "ezchili" on Twitter. On August 15, 2012, he revealed on Twitter that he was now single. He belongs to the Swedish chapter of Mensa as well as makes electronica popular music under the label "Markus Alexei".
He has criticized both piracy and also the position of huge game business on piracy and he belongs to the Swedish Buccaneer Event. Persson is an agnostic, and cited his theological and respectable considered among the principal donors to  throughout the Thanksgiving charity drive of 2011. Under his instructions, Mojang contributed a week to developingCatacomb Snatch for the Humble Bundle Mojam, for which the $458,248.99 raised would certainly be donated to charity.


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