Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Skyblock PE

Well today I finally got around to doing an update and I have been busy playing the minecraft skyblock pe mini game. If you haven't heard of Skyblock PE it is a mini game that will a set of rules/challenges that need to be completed. You start with almost nothing. Can be played with a friend or solo.

Download Minecraft Skyblock PE here

  • Make a cobblestone generator
  • Make a bridge to the sand island
  • Make a big house out of cobblestone, with at least 3 storys
  • Get 10 cacti 
  • Expand the island as much as you can with cobblestone!
  • Build a mob grinder
  • Make a farm
  • Make all possible dyes and wool blocks
  • Make 10 bookshelves

BONUS (0.7.0 needed)
  • Create a nether reactor (Be careful, it could destroy your world!)
  •  Decorate your house with paintings
  •  Make an ancient Greek temple with quartz
  •  Make a second nether reactor (INSANE skills needed)

Hardcore challenges:
  • Don't die even once
  • Don't use food!#3 Don't get hit even once
  • Don't use a sword!#5 Use only wooden pickaxes
  • Create a door that is opened with redstone alternatives


  • Do not die to regenerate health.
  • You must have fun!


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