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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Skyblock PE

Well today I finally got around to doing an update and I have been busy playing the minecraft skyblock pe mini game. If you haven't heard of Skyblock PE it is a mini game that will a set of rules/challenges that need to be completed. You start with almost nothing. Can be played with a friend or solo.

Download Minecraft Skyblock PE here

  • Make a cobblestone generator
  • Make a bridge to the sand island
  • Make a big house out of cobblestone, with at least 3 storys
  • Get 10 cacti 
  • Expand the island as much as you can with cobblestone!
  • Build a mob grinder
  • Make a farm
  • Make all possible dyes and wool blocks
  • Make 10 bookshelves

BONUS (0.7.0 needed)
  • Create a nether reactor (Be careful, it could destroy your world!)
  •  Decorate your house with paintings
  •  Make an ancient Greek temple with quartz
  •  Make a second nether reactor (INSANE skills needed)

Hardcore challenges:
  • Don't die even once
  • Don't use food!#3 Don't get hit even once
  • Don't use a sword!#5 Use only wooden pickaxes
  • Create a door that is opened with redstone alternatives


  • Do not die to regenerate health.
  • You must have fun!

Minecraft Pac-Man Pocket Edition

A friend sent me this cool minecraft pe mini game. As you can tell the map if a mini game. To play you need to have a couple of friends. One person is chosen to be Pac-Man and the others will be ghost. I'm sure you'll have probably played Pac-Man before so you know how it goes. As you know the Ghost(s) try to catch pacman while he tries to clear the board.

Single Play Pac-Man Download - Zombies will be the "Ghost"

Download the Single Player Map Here

Download the Multiplayer Map Here

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Epic Castle

This map is just huge with tons of building and an epic castle. Just check out some of these screenshots.

What are you waiting for get this map already!

Cops N Robbers

Our first of many multiplayer maps. This is Cops N Robbers. Get together with a group of friends, pick a warden and the rest try to escape from the jail.

Get map here


Parkour Butter Edition Map

For all you Parkour fans and those who love testing your jumping skills. Check out this nice little map.

There is also a texture pack for this map as well - stay tuned to our Minecraft Texture Pack section to learn more about this.

You can get this map here


Would this nice map that is a waterpark, complete with water slides and everything. If you're bored download this minecraft pe map for some fun.

You can download this map here



Lots of areas to explore on this map!

Get the map here

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Super Flat Map

Not much to say or see here. Why not start with a clean slate. This map is all level and all grass. Great for creative mode to build whatever you want.

Get Map Here

Herobrine's Mansion

Herobrines Mansion is infamous in the Minecraft PC world but not it is available in a ported version for Minecraft PE.

You can download the map here.

Here is a quick trailer of the PC version.

And here is a quick look at the Pocket Edition version.